What To Expect When You Visit Harvard Park Hearing


How do you know you're getting the solution that's perfect for you?
Our 4-step process ensures you will receive the hearing aids that will best meet your needs. Our unique approach sets us apart from others because to us, it's not about dispensing products, it's about reconnecting you to your world.

Diagnostic Exam & Explanation
A comprehensive hearing evaluation will be completed to determine your type an degree of hearing loss. The results of these tests will be explained to you in detail

Hearing Aid Evaluation (1 hour)
We will discuss your lifestyle and how hearing aids can improve your daily communication.  A recommendation of hearing aid style and technology will be made based on your hearing loss and communication needs. We will then schedule a fitting appointment where your hearing aids will be customized to your hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Fitting (1 hour)
Your hearing aids will be programmed to your hearing loss. Care and maintenance of the hearing aids will be explained in detail. Your 60 day trial period begins on your fitting day. A follow up appointment will be scheduled within two weeks following your hearing aid fitting.

Continued Hearing Aid Care and Adjustments (30 to 45 minutes)
Additional adjustments will be made to the hearing aids to better meet your individual needs during your 60 day trial period. Hearing aid cleaning appointments are recommended every six months.